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Windows-based auto optimization editor and assistant
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This assistant optimizes the use of PC hardware by accessing system cache and adjusting the RAM parameters. There are several pre-built auto-optimization profiles that can be edited or selected by default. Reduce the strain on computer memory by decreasing the amount of recorded feedback data for Windows.

Cacheman can help you get the most of your system by adjusting settings and tweaking some parameters. The tool definitely has a cramped interface as there is too much information for a single screen, which the use of tabs has not been able to solve. When minimized, the program continues to run from the System Tray, where there are icons to quickly show memory and processor usage status. A click on its icon there displays a highly populated menu that provides quick access to most of its features as well as some Windows utilities.

Cacheman works by managing available RAM memory and reallocating cache storage space. Similarly, it can help you tweak Windows according to your specific hardware properties and the intended use. Fortunately, there are various automatic optimization profiles, such as Basic, Maximum Performance, Maximum Stability, Gaming and Network Server.

The program examines CPU and RAM usage data to set the most suitable priority levels for each type of process. Similarly, you can limit the quota of memory for given programs in a way that guarantees there is plenty of RAM available for prioritized services. This kind of resource management is not restricted to memory, as you can do the same with storage capacity, for example, it is possible to allocate a fixed amount of disk space for temporary files. Moreover, Cacheman actually allows performing a lot of other optimization operations, like configuring filename length, defragmenting disks and setting limits to bandwidth usage. Finally, I am glad that the tool can back up settings in case you need to restore them.

In general, Cacheman is very versatile when it comes to system optimization. It is a pity that the tool allows using the basic optimization profile only as I would have liked to try the notebook profile as well.

Pedro Castro
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  • Manual and automatic optimization
  • Priority levels for running processes
  • System cache adjustment
  • Browser cache restriction


  • Cramped interface
  • The free version allows basic optimization only
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