Cacheman allows the user to choose from 10 Windows auto optimization profiles
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Cacheman is intended to optimize your system in such a way that your PC can run faster without making any hardware updates. For this purpose, the application manages the available RAM, allocates cache storage space and tweaks various Windows parameters. At first glance, this may seem somewhat complicated for inexpert users. Good news is that, besides manual optimization, there is also a fully automatic option, and the only thing you need to do is saying what you use your computer for.

This tool can analyze CPU and RAM usage data to establish different priority levels for the running processes. Likewise, you can set limits to the amount of memory a specific program can use. This allows reserving resources for those applications that you need to run at full speed. Moreover, you can also adjust the size of the different system memory caches. The utility also allows you to restrict the storage space available for the browser’s temporal files.

As to other tweaks, this program lets you configure filename length, solve disk defragmentation issues, set bandwidth tops and limit the number of connections per server. Since some of these changes are very sensitive to your system, it is a good idea to always create a backup of your settings in case you need to restore them.

All in all, Cacheman seems to work steadily. I cannot say that I have been using this tool for a long time but, as long as I have been testing it, the tool has not messed with my system stability in any way. However, probably because the free version does not allow using any sophisticated optimization method, I did not feel there was any real gain in system speed. Unfortunately, many people would agree that the prize of the complete version is too high and would rather spend their money on buying a RAM card instead.

Pedro Castro
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  • Manual and automatic optimization.
  • Priority levels for running processes.
  • System cache adjustment.
  • Browser cache restriction.


  • Too pricey.
  • The free version does not seem to improve performance.
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